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 In an online consultation I would gather all the relevant information that you provide. I will be using Modern Medicine, Siddha Vaidya, Ayurveda, Metabolic medical tools, Biochemical and Biophysical knowledge for the questions that I would be asking you. The answers that you will provide me will be helpful in arriving at correct assumptions along with additional laboratory or image studies.

 Identifying a root cause could be a very difficult process. If I am lucky, I could find the exact spot where a particular condition originated. The root causes could be genetic, developmental, early childhood, or adult onset issues. Usually, the root cause is unidentifiable in spite of thorough searching.

 I will work alongside you to make this endeavor fruitful. This road takes a little effort from me but remember, you are in the driver's seat and you could help yourself the most. Even if you're not an expert in medicine you could use your observational skills to note down any important events that developed after your healing journey began and this information will help greatly in the management.

 Owning a watch that could measure most of the vitals signs, including blood sugar and pulse oximetry would be a definite plus. These watches are reasonable to buy and owning one helps monitor medical progress. When you update the relevant information to me, I could be better informed on your progress.

 Before consulting, it is preferable to have all your relevant laboratory information with you. Do not panic if you do not have them, it only means that you may need to embark on a set of Investigations. I will assist you in prescribing the right tests that you will need. There could be many Network labs around you which might not require a local doctor’s prescription for conducting the tests. It is your responsibility to find all the labs that could help you with the tests, and also to reach me back with the results at the earliest. The first consultation includes the time for me to look at your lab results and furnish you with an appropriate prescription, adjusted to the lab results.

 The human body itself can produce almost all the therapeutic requirements of the body and it is up to the doctor to cajole the healing responses into action. Of course, the natural pharmacies in your town and even the regular pharmacies could all be sources for most of the medicines that you require. Finally we have Internet pharmacies that will accept the prescription from a foreign doctor that could also be a source of healing remedies for you.

 A follow-on consultation, to redraw the treatment plans might be in order if needed. I only see two new patients every day so follow-on consultations are also accessible to my current patients.

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