Layers of Life

Layers of Life

Every single cell in the human body is connected in one way or another to every other cell in the whole body. Sometimes the cells that take part in these actions are not quite proximal to each other. There could be a gap between the cells but still in spite of the distance, in some ways, there exists an effective communication between the cells. There are many many ways by which communication happens between adjacent cells. There are many Gap Junctions in the cell membrane through which the cytoplasm of one cell could virtually be in touch with the cytoplasm of another cell.

There are many ways by which cells can exchange information with each other. Hormones are one avenue among many by which cells can be in touch, in communication, or make changes to another cell at long distances. The same can be attained by many neurotransmitters and neuropeptides at shorter distances.

There is a cytoskeleton inside the cells where messages can be transmitted from one part of the cell to another in almost no time. There are collagen fibers in between the cells that not only can conduct information but also can generate electrical impulses.

We as individuals are trying to establish communication with other individuals across distances and at short distances using wires and no wires. The Quest for communication goes on among all individuals small and large.

When communication breaks down, individual relationships break down, and so can cellular relationships. Cellular communication is not only the messaging system but also the system of instructions so that when the appropriate instruction reaches the target cells, appropriate actions are instituted. So the breakage in communication will result in non-action which will lead to a disorder. It is important to identify the communication breakdown between cells and to re-establish communication so that the cellular and tissue functions can proceed as normal.