Our motive is to help the poor, helpless and orphan children all over the world.

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Dr. Rajkumar, M.B.B.S

I can look at the human body from different angles. The more I look, the more I will find. When a person approaches me as a patient, seeking solutions for chronic conditions, the answer might require me to dig deeper into the history of the person, into the living circumstances of the person, what their daily activities look like, into what the person is going through emotionally and spiritually for as long as possible.

Modern medicine is keyed more towards solving acute medical conditions where the cause or causative factors are more apparent, whereas, chronic medical conditions are multifactorial in nature. One factor might make the body more susceptible to, or even create another detrimental element leading to ever increasing complexities, making the solutions progressively convoluted.

  • Longevity Consultant
  • Medical Doctor
  • Siddha  Vaidyan
  • Ayurveda Enthusiast
  • Siddha Alchemist
  • Metabolic Medicine Explorer
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Frontiers in medicine, metabolic health, chronic disease management and regenerative bio-hacks.

4448 known diseases with medical, herbal and alchemical solutions

A world class preventive medical system with an equally developed curative part

Biophysics plays a crucial role in various aspects of medical treatment

Historically, alchemy was an early precursor to modern chemistry and medicine

encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including endocrinology, nutrition, genetics, biochemistry, and physiology.

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