Solitude Support

Solitude Support

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Almost every single person in the developed world is going through some kind of loneliness. Generally, the more you have in resources and luxuries, the more you tend to lose your self worth. We cross check our life in relation to those living around us, our friends and our near ones.

  • You may improve your personal self worth by adding meaning to yourself, by self improvement. This may alleviate some form of loneliness
  • You may improve your health to increase your self worth.
  • Health attracts others to yourself.
  • Health helps you make better decisions.
  • Health helps you to be positive which emanates goodness and positivity.
  • Attracting and retaining friends and relations depends on your attitude and that in turn is dependent heavily on your health.
  • In short, those near us are influenced by our health and keeping friends in and loneliness away, requires reasonable health.

I see my role in paving the way for good health by identifying areas for improving physically, mentally, energetically, spiritually and emotionally and offering appropriate solutions. Every consultation are aimed at attaining this result.


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Many social and psychological issues that we face may have medical causes. An hour with Dr. Rajkumar aims to establish any physical and solvable cause of our behavior issues. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as other medical conditions could cause anxiety, depression, and other adjustment disorders. If nothing else, it is an opportunity for a pleasant, positive and productive interaction.