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I can look at the human body from different angles. The more I look, the more I will find. When a person approaches me as a patient, seeking solutions for chronic conditions, the answer might require me to dig deeper into the history of the person, into the living circumstances of the person, what their daily activities look like, into what the person is going through emotionally and spiritually for as long as possible.

Modern medicine is keyed more towards solving acute medical conditions where the cause or causative factors are more apparent, whereas, chronic medical conditions are multifactorial in nature. One factor might make the body more susceptible to, or even create another detrimental element leading to ever increasing complexities, making the solutions progressively convoluted.

Human body is much more complex in orders of magnitude than what I see and can feel physically. There are unseen aspects of the human body which include various examples such as the electromagnetic field that is associated with the electric current that our body generates, the infrared field that our mitochondria generates, and the ultraviolet field that we generate from our cellular organelles. Many of these fields may inform the whole body about aspects of our morphology. As the expressions of the normal field reflect a normal body, any field disturbances might equally influence the way the body works, behaves and expresses health or illness. It might take more than just modern medicine to come to an understanding, and to get an idea of where the person is, at any point in time.

Ancient sciences from Asia and the east in general, gave more importance to functions of the body over its structure whilst, Western medical approaches studied functions based on the physical structure of the various body parts. Both these approaches are equally valid as one is approaching functions through the study of the structure and the other is approaching structure through the study of the functions and seeing what went wrong in both these aspects as far as chronic diseases are concerned.

I gather data from an extensive history and laboratory results that goes beyond just the person and digs deeper into their family history, spiritual history and into other realms of existence

from Medical, Ayurvedic, Alchemical, Siddha Vaidya, Metabolic, Biochemical and Biophysical approaches. This data would give me an idea on how to help offset metabolic challenges and inefficient energy production and how to bypass such systems, ameliorating chronic disorders.

Many times, my approach might coexist with remedies from your primary care physician, though not true in all cases. If you have exhausted other options for your condition, do not lose hope, there could be unexplored paths.

I want to reach those who would like to consult with me to help themselves. This is precisely the reason for me choosing this source after a long hiatus.

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